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Carnage Review

Spider-Man - Animated Series (Toy Biz) - Series 1
Well web slingers , today we are gonna review one of my all time favs . Carnage .

There are 2 types of carnage , carnage 1 and carnage 2 , This one is 1 because it is carnage without the cletus head . The paint work is solid on mine very detailed with the raised black swirls all over his body and blood red color. He has an evil grin and comes with some awesome accessories . an axe , a claw , and a symbiote arm of goo ( like hes shooting out the suit ). Carnage has a little thumb button on his back , its not really a button but you place your thumb on it and it moves Carnages arm up and down like hes attacking . For those looking for a super articulated figure well this isnt it . Its basic movement in the arms elbows knees and legs and torso. oh and he can move his head =) . I totally love this figure and hes hard to come by for a good price , being from the first wave . I got mine for about 13 including shipping. He is a classic to have for any spider- man collection and most def for the animated series collectors and or fans or avid toy players =). If you see him pick him up .

Over all

Articulation - Basic for these line of figures.

Paint - dead on from the cartoon series. no splotches or paint drips anywhere on mine .

Accessories - A figure that has 3 of them is soooo epic . esp for carnage .

The only down fall is that the basic movements dont allow for much creative poses with the accessories , and that they mostly fit on one wrist and only in one postion ( ie: You can only have the axe showing on the side you cant place it on top the wrist and have the axe lying the clip side on top the fist . kinda hard to explain but i hope you get the jest of it . )

but other than that hes awesome and epic and dude hes carnage . HELLO carnage!!! = )

      by SpidervenomX   Update Review

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