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Blade-Vampire Hunter Review

Blade-Vampire Hunter
Spider-Man (Toy Biz) - Vampire Wars
Its A bird its a plane ...ITS A VAMPIRE ...well half at least. Yup thats right folks its Blade the vampire hunter . In his only 5 inch action figure debut . Well I love this figure but I am a little confused about his accessories. In the animated series he had Vampire weapons of garlic bombs and a plasma sword that was just super cool. Alas this figure does not have them He comes instead with a clip on stake axe holder shooter thing.... yeah weird to read weird to type , but thats what it is. Anyway Detail on him is spot on from a very kick butt jacket with the spikes on the correct side , to wrinkles in his brow because hes bearing his fangs. Even his hair is all short afro type . This is from the vampire wars series of the toy line so his shirt has a rip in it like hes been attacked my guess , by morbius . He wears black jeans and black jacket when the shirt is red , and his gloves are grey and he and has brown belt straps around his thighs. I like the design of him very much. He has basic articulation with plastic inserts as the joint holders not the classic metal ones we know and love . His other accessory is a rocket launcher and gun shoulder snap on ...cept it doesnt stay on like a snap on would ... just kinda sits there. yeah. well all that aside hes a really detailed figure and the perfect addition to the vampire collection . A very good figure and hard to come by at least when i found him by accident . =p

      by SpidervenomX   Update Review

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