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Cobra Commander (Chase) Review

Cobra Commander (Chase)
G.I. Joe - Pursuit of Cobra (Hasbro) - Wave 1
Another pretty good GI Joe figure, my first and so far only Pursuit of Cobra figure. To start off getting right to the point, the paint job on this guy is WAY better than the one on the standard RoC version, at least to me. The chromed out face mask is a nice throwback to the old school Cobra Commander, a very cleanly painted Cobra insignia has been added to the back of the coat, and the new shiny red chest plate makes him perfect to display with your RoC Crimson Neo Vipers. That said, many of the problems with the RoC Cobra Commander are carried over here. The coat still hinders his leg movement a little, and the sleeves of the coat are still part of his arm sculpt, completely defeating the purpose of the coat being removable. Additionally, the accessories are few, which is just a personal gripe of mine. He comes with a staff with the Cobra insignia on it, a stock black pistol from the RoC figures, and a bizzare shotgun looking thing (referred to as a M.I.A.W., or Multi-functional Individual Assault Weapon on the back of the package). The articulation is standard RoC fare; ball-jointed head, ball-hinged shoulders, ball-hinged elbows, ball hinged upper abs, swivel wrists, ball-hinged hips, 2 hinges at the knees, and ball-hinged ankles. All in all, I give the figure four out of five, mostly for the unique Cobra packaging I forgot to mention earlier in the review.

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