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Magneto Review

X-Men - Movie (Toy Biz) - 10" Figures
If you are looking for a suitable figure from the X-Men movie line to add to your collection, then look no further, because this is the one to get! The 10" Magneto is definitely a breath of fresh air from the sub par main line, especially when compared to his 6" counterpart. Following in the footsteps of the original X-Men series, this figure is basically just a blown up version of the smaller scale figure; but the main difference between the two, is execution. This one fares far better in it's execution than the 6" scale version; while the 6" one tried to incorporate cloth and plastic elements in the costume, this one looks much less ridiculous. Magneto's costume is split into four different pieces: a cloth jacket,a pair of cloth pants, a pair of soft rubber boots, and a satin cape. While the satin cape on the small figure was too small and odd shaped,this one is just the right size. Both figures also have the exact same articulation ( points at the neck, shoulders, elbows, waist, wrists, knees, and feet), and due to the lack of plastic in the costume, this one has a better range of motion. I also feel that size also makes a difference in the sculpt, with this one having a way better facial sculpt due to the head's larger size. I feel that this one resembles Sir Ian McKellen a bit more than the other one, plus the included helmet is much more form fitting than it's smaller counterpart, so when it's placed on his head, it look a lot less goofy than the other. But as great as this figure is, it does have some flaws, my two biggest complaints in the jacket and cape. The problem with the jacket is that there is no collar to it; In the movie, Magneto's jacket had a mandarin collar, while the figure's jacket looks more like a v-neck sweater. The first problem with the cape is that it has a strange collar on it which makes it look more like a Dracula cape, secondly, while I did say it was better than the small one, it still has a bit of an odd shape to it, and the only way to make it look normal is is by making a couple creases to it. Plus the way that the hair is colored did urk me a bit, but aside from that, everything else is pretty solid. The only accessory it comes with is a pretty cool wearable dog-tag with the words "X-Men The Movie" and "Magneto" engraved on it. I highly recommend this figure, as it's a perfect item for any X-Men or superhero collection and fits in perfectly with any Tonner or Hot Toys figure collection.

      by Mr.jackal95   Update Review

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