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Aeryn Sun (The Mutation) Review

Aeryn Sun (The Mutation)
Farscape (Toy Vault) - Series 2
Hello all you figure enthusiasts, and even Farscape fans if there's any of them left. I figured (no pun intended) that I'd do my first review on one of the "Farscape" action figures from the ToyVault line. Some may agree with me, others may disagree, but I'm giving as much of an honest review.

The first figure I decided to review is the episode-centric action figure of Aeryn Sun (The Mutation). This figure is modeled lightly after what happened to the character of Aeryn in the Season 1 episode, "DNA Mad Scientist." This particular figure is modeled after one of the earlier scenes in the episode, where Aeryn reveals to Crichton she was mutating from Pilot's DNA being injected into her (much later on, she's seen with a lot more alteration from the DNA).

I should note, that the figure I have, I bought for $7 at a flea market, and didn't come with any accessories. Though I know that there were two types released (which were typical with the line) that came with the figure remaining the same but coming with different accessories and often different articles of clothing. So, when it comes to the accessories, I can't really make much of a review on them as it didn't come with anything, not even the pulse pistol that came with the character.

Detail: Honestly, this is a pretty decent action figure for displaying. Unfortunately, it barely looks like Claudia Black, who portrayed the character on the show. Many others know Ms. Black from "Stargate SG-1." When it comes to the complete sculpt, the detail captures the scene from the episode fairly well. Looking at the profile of the figure, be it the left or the right, looks pretty close to actress, but when you look at it head-on, it'd be a hit or a miss in comparison in likeness and depending on the point of view of the individual (honestly, its a lot better than the recent Diamond Select "Stargate SG-1" Series 3 Vala action figure, the one in the green camo, in my opinion. Seriously, having to have seen that figure myself, I feel it doesn't even remotely look right). Though the "pilot DNA modifications" patches that show up are nice, this particular figure suffers from one giant flaw (I'll point it out in the overall rating). So, this falls under a high 3.

Articulation: Okay, back when these figures came out, depending on the character, there articulation actually was rather limited. When it comes to Aeryn, the only real the only real articulation she has is the arms and legs. But, the biggest problem with the articulation is the arms itself. They are not only limited to up and down, but the arms are permanently bent with one hand meant to hold up her shirt and one hand also bent in a way that its meant to hold something in the hand. Unlike the other figures in the line, Aeryn got the short-end of the stick for articulation. Her head, also unlike the others, is molded WITH the body. John, D'argo, Chiana and Zhaan have heads that are molded separate from their bodies. I don't know if Rygel is molded as one piece or not, as I've never been able to get my hands on him. But, Aeryn being molded into one piece provides an issue. Her head his stuck looking slightly to the right. This falls under a 2.

Painting: Not bad, I must say. Honestly, the dark brown of the hair sort of matched Claudia Black's hair color at the time, where is was so dark you couldn't tell if it was actually black or a dark brown (it was primarily due to the lighting of the show, but was remedied when sometime during the end of Season 3, possibly the start of Season 4 when Aeryn's hair was actually black). Though the main body of the figure was molded in the military green color (which are her pants), the paint job, especially the skintone, is good enough to hide the fact that it was molded in that color. This falls under a 4.

Accessories: Again, I can't comment as the one I have didn't come with any of them. But, judging from the pictures I've seen, much like the others, there are two different versions available with different accessories. Of course, one that I know for certain that is in both figures came with Aeryn's pulse pistol. To quote Chiana from Season 2's "A Clockwork Nebari", "Aeryn doesn't even shower without a pulse pistol."

Overall Raiting: I give it a 3. Now, don't get me wrong, I like the figure. The issues with it only makes this figure useful as a display piece only. But the biggest issue with this figure is that, unlike the others, was TOO episode specific. When it came to John Crichton, his clothing and accessories may have made him seem episode specific, but if you took off his jacket and not mess with the helmet, you basically had a John Crichton action figure that applied to much of Season 1. D'argo's figure is the same way, but his accessories don't give a specific episode. Zhaan's figures, though one came with a travel coat the other came with her "medical scrub" outfit, she could represent any episodes she's appeared in during the three seasons her character was involved with that particular outfit. Chiana also was episode specific in accessories like Crichton was, but if you didn't include them, she could have been Chiana anywhere from her first appearance in Season 1 to the first half of Season 2. From the pictures of Crais, Rygel and Scorpius, they also aren't so episode centric unless there are some sort of accessory that applies to them (such as Scorpius sporting the Hawaiian shirt from "Crackers Don't Matter.")

If I had to recommend an Aeryn Sun figure from the ToyVault "Farscape" line, I would probably go with the Aeryn in the Red Peacekeeper outfit. Granted, that figure's legs aren't articulated in any way, and the arms only pivet in and out, but her head has a better sculpt that captures the likeness of the actress playing her even more than the figure of this review, and the head can turn (unlike this one). Though I only recall that outfit from one episode, it's still a better one than this Aeryn Sun (The Mutation) figure, and is a better representation of the character. It also allows for more options for customizing if you wanted to do so, while this one doesn't. Like I said, this particular figure would only be best as a display piece only (if you're like me, who has almost all of the crew and don't want to leave a character represented, this would be a good temporary one and for displaying).

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User Comments
heroesmaya - Friday, July 11, 2014
The Peacekeeper special Aeryn is a bit limited in articulation but I own that one dnow courtesy of Troll N Toad and she's great looking. Has some neat accessories, too!
CB2001 - Friday, July 18, 2014
I have the same figure now. I picked it up from Troll-N-Toad as well. But at least with Peacekeeper Aeryn, she looks more normal than the episode-centric Aeryn released prior to the PK Aeryn.

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