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Thor (Movie Series) (Wal-Mart) Review

Thor (Movie Series) (Wal-Mart)
Thor - The Mighty Avenger (Hasbro) - 6" Scale

I was excited to get this, it was a big upgrade from the Marvel Select. I liked his paint. The face was well done, there were different tones in the hair, and the armour was clean, plus they did a black undercoat for the scale mail armour on the arms before putting the silver over top. It gives it a look of definition in the sculpt. It's not perfect, but it looks better than some of the 3.75 scale stuff where the arms are painted just a straight silver. The Helmet is one silver, and more of a gun metal than silver. That could of used some work.

Another improvement would to either have make the helmet removable or add a separate head. The Hasbro head pegs are easy swaps, with no boil and pop necessary, and their alternate swappable heads in the Legends line use the exact same sized peg as this style.

Articulation is overall good too. I like that he has traditional legends style arms with separate biceps from the shoulder, and double hinged elbows over Hasbro's common, and Marvel Select's Thor's swiveled elbow peg.

The legs are a bit of an aggravation. Again with these original sculpt avengers movie figures (Captain America, Thor, and the comic series Loki*-why do a new Loki when they should of done movie Loki?!! I'll never know! > ), these have swivel hinges leg to hip connections, instead of a ball joint. I would have rather the ball joint, as you get a better and less clunky range of movement. I will say this though, I'm a fan of the double hinged knees unlike the Select's Thor's swivel peg. The feet have a better functioning swivel peg than the Marvel Select offering.
*Side note* - Don't think I hate swivel pegs in general. I like them when they are used properly, as wrist to hand connections and feet to leg. I've also seen this work as a torso and neck joint and work, but that's an extreme case.

The torso articulation is okay, there is no hip to torso swivel, which I would easily rather. Instead of an ab crunch is a mid torso sliding connection, you can still get some good poses, but it is limiting. Also at the front where the mid torso is separated, they chose not to extend the sculpt of the armor details far enough back. It suddenly stops if you slide the torso too far back, which isn't far at all, and is exposed with limited posing.

The other thing that kind of urcked me about this figure is that I find Mjolnir to look too small for him. Compared scale wise with the Marvel Select version, you can see it. That and Thor's hand's don't seem to hold it too well. The right hand is open just too much to really grasp it, and the left is a grasping hand, but is connected between the thumbs and forefingers so the hammer's strap is a pain to stretch in, and will destroy it over time.

I have to say I like where he fits in size and scale wise with the overall Legends series. He's not massive like other Thor's or Marvel's big guys, but he is a large human sized figure, which fits the movie series concept.

Overall I like this figure. I wanted him to be a five, I was going to give him a four, but it's just not enough for me to rate him that high. I just have too many problems with him. None the less he is a pretty good offering as the history of Marvel Legends style movie figures go. Not as good as a Blade, Punisher, or Fantastic Four, but almost.

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User Comments
Chile_Team - Saturday, December 3, 2011
hi, glad to read to you. yeah finally they made a 6" movie thor. ( thats was the reason why we made a thor movie custom, but I was really dissapointed about the helmet specially the paint. did you saw our lasts works? thanks for a great review

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