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Captain America (Wal-Mart) Review

Captain America (Wal-Mart)
Captain America - The First Avenger (Hasbro) - 6" Scale
Overall I think he looks pretty good. The detail in the sculpt of the suit is pretty great! I don't think the likeness of Chris Evans is as good as the Fantastic Four figures, but he is in a mask so it limits his features shining through. I can overlook that, the mask is done pretty well, and is film accurate unlike the Marvel Select version.
Paints are rather good for the level of quality or lack there of that we have seen from Hasbro's Marvel Legends. You can see where they have done washes over the blues to promote the sculpts texture in the suit.

They also tried some washes to give the whites in the suit that off white dirty look of the film. It's good, not great. Washes for the whites were done in grey, but could of used some tan or browns to further enhance the look. The fact that we got any at all is a big step up from the company! The utility belt has had some light paints over it's base coat of oxblood red, that helps showcase the work a bit more. Strangely enough everywhere else that uses the same red (the boots and gloves), have not been given the same paint treatment that would of helped, again pushing the sculpt work, but also not to stand out as flat paints next to everywhere else where there is varying tonal value in the paint work.

Accessories are pretty good. He comes with a Tommy gun, his trade mark shield, and his glock side arm with a great functioning opening and closing holster. The shield is a good sculpt with solid paints, and the guns are good as well with multiple coloured paint job, which is always a plus!

As for articulation, he's okay. Not great. He does support double hinged elbows and knees, which I like. However, like Ralphy's little brother in his snowsuit from 'A Christmas Story', Cap can't put his arms down! Because of the suit's sculpt, Cap's arms can't be put fully down at his sides. The torso's arm holes need to be more concave at the bottom to allow a larger range of motion.
The torso articulation is the same as the movie Thor, there is no hip to torso swivel, which I would rather. Instead of an ab crunch is a mid torso sliding connection, you can still get some good poses, but it is limiting. Also at the front where the mid torso is separated, unlike the Thor where they chose not to extend the sculpt of the armor details far enough back. The suit is sculpted and painted across the entire piece.

As for the legs, I have the same problem with it as the movie Thor. With these original sculpt avengers movie figures (Captain America, Thor, and the comic series Loki), these have swivel hinges leg to hip connections, instead of a ball joint. I would have rather the ball joint, as you get a better and less clunky range of movement.

My last issue is the Captain's size and scale. He almost fits in scale with the Iron Man movie 6 inch figures, but nobody else. Thor and Nick Fury Dwarf him.
*-I have issue with the size of Fury, but I'll get to that in his own review*
The size difference between Cap and Thor is big, and as seen in the Avengers trailers, it's just too much. I feel Thor is more in scale with the Legends series, and Cap could use just a bit more height and girth to him.

I have to admit he looks good, but The Legends scale movie Captain America feels like he just missed the mark here. Evans is a pretty big guy, and I think they cut him down a bit with this figure, and he stands out like a sore thumb with the other Avengers movie figures.

      by pulpyfiction   Update Review

User Comments
Chile_Team - Saturday, December 3, 2011
this figure was dissapointed, the marvel select and the other from the movie were made on the concept desing, that can be see on shoulder and necks, but this doesn`t look like chris evans. being honestly I think our custom its better, exept the accesories. like the gun or the shield details. if you didn't saw it, please do it and comment your opinion its always appreciated
G_Rantula - Saturday, November 5, 2011
"Ralphy's little brother in his snowsuit" I love it. I'll probably be popping this one to pieces and sanding him down to take care of that. Repaint and head swap or multiple heads and this will be golden. Awesome review, more stars than the figure!!!
pulpyfiction - Saturday, November 5, 2011
thanks man! I know you're a Cap guy so you'll do him justice! To tell you the truth I want to do that, but I'm also thinking of using different shoulders and biceps and making strapped on, but free floating shoulder pads like I made for my Marvel Select movie cap.
thanks for the comment G!

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