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Nick Fury (Wal-Mart) Review

Nick Fury (Wal-Mart)
Captain America - The First Avenger (Hasbro) - 6" Scale
So the hubbub about this figure is really about a head sculpt, because the figure below is the Hasbro Marvel Legends Two pack Ultimate Nick Fury, which is a Hasbro Marvel Legends Punisher with a new turtle neck sculpt around the collar, a sweet black jacket (that customizers love), new jacket style arms instead of short sleeved ones, and cut off gloved hands.
The head looks great! They nailed it. I wouldn't say it's super detailed. I mean it's not as good a likeness as the mcfarlane Shaft figure, but they got a great likeness of him.

Accessories, oh yeah! Holsters on the hip (same as the Hasbro Pun), and the under arm holster that fits under his jacket... Sort of. This under arm holster differ from the ones found on the Hasbro two pack Ultimate Nick Fury, and are reversed. The side arms found in these holsters look great! They also support a multi-paint coloured job. But for some reason the heavy arms are just flat black from cast. The AK 74, which is a re-release from the Hasbro Marvel Legends original comic version of Nick Fury, originally supports a multiple coloured paint job. He also sports an AR-M9F assault rifle with an UBGL-M6 grenade launcher attached, that came with the Hasbro Ultimate Fury. This also had a multi-colured paint job in the original release.

As for articulation he's so close to being perfect! Ball socket hips, double hinged elbows and knees. I would rather a swivel hip to torso connection with an ab crunch, but again Hasbro has fused the hip to torso, and has a slider connection mid torso. Again as I stated in my movie Thor and Cap reviews, this has decent posability, but it is limited until it looks goofy. Even still he is pretty good pretty good, but he does run into the same problem Captain America has with his arms. He can't put his arms down. The jacket, the holsters, and the fact that the original base figure was never intended to have a jacket or the under arm holsters, limits his arms from being put at their respective sides. The arm holes in the torso again need to be more concave at the bottom to gain more range of motion, and the holster needed to either be added to the sculpt, or glued down tightly pulled closely to the center of the chest so the holster and the two utility pouches on the opposite side, are not under the arms limiting it's movement.

There is something else I feel I need to bring to attention. Jackson is six foot two inches. Hemsworth is six three. This figure was just taller than the Movie Thor figure and towers over the first Avenger Captain America. Chris Evans is six foot.

Lets get down to the meat of the potato. Fury is too tall, his figure is just put together from fodder parts and his attire really isn't film accurate. The face looks good, but that's what you're paying for to get this figure. I do have to say these new six inch movie Avengers figures are the first figures I've bought in a long, long time just to collect and not customize. I'm being generous giving this figure a three. I actually do like how this figure looks though, but I'll tell you this: although I didn't intend on customizing these figures, I've shortened this Samuel L. Jackson Nick Fury figure proportionally to where I feel he needed to be, and fixed his arm's range of motion by gluing his under arm holster out of the way. Shhh.

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User Comments
Super Cracked - Tuesday, May 1, 2012
Would love to see how you modded him - I was just thinking to do the same thing! Maybe take a bit off the boot tops? Oh, this might make you feel a lil better about the poseability issues: the comic NF two pack you refer to came BEFORE the Nemesis Punisher. Both figs released in 2008, July and December, respectively. So, if anything, the Punisher was an improvement on the NF, not that the NF was a degrading of a great Punisher sculpt. Just thought you'd like to know which came first.
gunn2mann1 - Tuesday, April 17, 2012
Avengers Movie is just around the corner, You got to get a Nick Fury figure...Great comments too!!
G_Rantula - Sunday, November 6, 2011
Bought it 4 fodder.

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