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Lion-O Review

Thundercats (Bandai) - 8" Scale - Classic Collector
Well I finally got this guy and let me start by saying, he's much more than I expected!!. I was expecting to have loads of problems and nit picks on this figure but instead I just have one or two. So I'll start this review from the top.

The head is very well sculpted and captures Lion-O's cartoon appearance brilliantly. His mane of red hair is as majestic as you would expect and packs in plenty of detail. |The proportions of the rest of the figure are pretty good although the shoulders do look kinda big. I also think the crotch piece looks quite long, maybe due to the placement of his belt.

Billed on the box as having 18 POA but my count came out closer to 30.
He has side to side articulation at the top of his neck and a small amount of forward and backward movement is possible. The bottom of his neck offers more forward and and backward articulation. He has ball and socket shoulders offering a great range of movement. He has joints at the top, single in the middle (should have been double) and some nifty ball and sockets at the wrist allowing side to side and forward and backward movement.

He has mid torso articulation allowing for a very small amount of forward and backward movement. I Reckon this could have been done better, maybe with the same style as the Elite WWE guys. Moving down he has waist articulation allowing both side to side and forward and backward movement. His hips are ball and socket type affairs offering an excellent range of movement. Cut joints at the upper thigh allow sidewards movement and lead down to double knee joints. His boots are attached via a cut joint and he has disc joints at his ankles leading to rockers in the feet.

Paint and colours:
The overall colour scheme is pretty good and very cartoon accurate. However, this is where most of my nit picks are.
There is a slight difference in the skin tones between his neck and torso (probably down to the neck being cast in the skin colour and the torso being painted) but it's not a major issue. The wrist joints are unfortunately cast in the same colour as the arms and not the hands which does make them stick out a bit. The ankle joints are also cast in the same colour as his skin. The problem is much worse here as the boots are blue but the joints are orange.

Once again super accurate, the inclusion of two interchangeable hands is most welcome. His "Dagger" as Bandai call it (I would say it's more of a dormant sword of omens) is good and slides neatly into the claw shield for storage. The claw shield is sculpted and coloured very well. It has a small hook on Lion-O's belt it can be attached to. The hook does come off the belt a little to easily for my liking though. His sword offers an excellent sculpt but the plastic is just too weak leading to all sorts of bending and warping problems.

Overall a truly great figure, his looks and articulation make him a must for all Thundercat fans. He's a little too big at eight inches to fit into a Marvel legends or DC Universe collection but with the inevitable release of more classic figures in this line, i'm sure there will be plenty more to stand alongside him in the future.

      by Darththomas   Update Review

User Comments
kngfu - Tuesday, December 6, 2011
Great review. I just picked up Tigra at a convention myself.

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