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Katchoo Review

Indie Spot Light (Shocker Toys)
Wow, this is a terrible figure. Let me preface that by saying I think she has a wonderful face and hair, and a very nice, realistic torso, now onto the rest. My figure came with the pelvis on backwards, the hip pockets were in front and the belt buckle in back. As I pulled her out of the packaging, her leg came off, and I broke the other one off shortly thereafter trying to move the leg around. The torso separates from the waist with a ball joint, so that was easy to pop off and fix, I just turned the pelvis around and now I have to reattach the legs, luckily I know a thing or two about how to do that. Aside from that, from the waist down, the figure just looks weird, and the foot just broke off as I tried to loosen the frozen joint. Also, the paint job on the pink isz is lackluster and it also broke off it's base as I removed it from the package. Let me just say that yes, I am sometimes unaware of my own strength, but I have never broken a figure taking it out of the package, and I've opened hundreds upon hundreds of figures in my day. The packaging is also nothing special, but it's not too bad, I could do without the staple, I think that's tacky, but if you are careful you could easily remove the figure and pop it back into the package later.

      by Xysma Warhorse   Update Review

User Comments
BobTheEgg - Friday, March 16, 2012
That's terrible! Sorry about your bad luck. I won't be getting this one then. But it isn't your fault, trust me. I have too opened many packages in my day, and not a single figure has ever been broken during that.

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