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Batman (30" Scale) Review

Batman (30" Scale)
Dark Knight (Mattel) - [Large Scale]
*As you may know by Now. Mattel has stepped up to their game offering the latest and most best toys of the Month after The Dark Knight movie came out on July 18th 2008 and by the time it came out. The movie was a Blast! But after Heath Ledger died from a drug overdose. Many were really concerned and were sad to see him pass away. So Mattel started to make toys of Batman Two-Face Scarecrow and The Joker and also made both large figures of Batman. That consists of him in his Batman Begins suit and the other in his brand new The Dark Knight suit.*

*This figure of course is not cheap considering how big and huge it really Is. But one of the things that make it truly incredible is that it's a figure and both a statue at the same Time. And how good it really is. It's a great doll and it will complete your collection. But be careful when placing it anywhere because it's able to fall over without warning and might not stand up if not balanced well enough.*

*The box is very nice and just gives you the Batman logo as well as Batman and he looks like he's angry. And also we get pictures on the box as well saying Amazing Detailing and Paint, And of course information about the film on the back. So it's really nice.*

*Now for the most part you would want to get this doll is for the detailing. Now the detailing on the Cowl, Suit, Boots, Bat-Logo, And of course his Mouth and face and his gloves looks great too, But also the sculpt on Batman's mouth and how he looks is amazing. And of course as you can tell his mouth looks mean and angry and it's amazing how movie accurate the detailing is. I'm impressed and of course Mattel once again does a good job on it. Not to mention how good this looks.*

*Now for articulation he is fully poseable and you can put him in any pose you wish to. His head can move side to side, And up and down a little bit, His arms can move up and down. And his legs can move up and down as well so that's nice. And Mattel impressed us with better articulation. But too bad that his arms or legs cannot move side to side.*

*Batman does not come with any accessories, It would be nice if Mattel gave him some Batarangs, A grapple gun, Or maybe even a sticky bomb gun. But since he does not come with any you can probably put some in his hand. But his hands are a little closed so it's going to be hard to put any items into his hands which are closed. But the only accessory he does come with is his cloth nylon cape which is removable and looks nice.

*The paint on this figure is top notch. Not only is the paint applications here just awesome. They totally are amazing, From the grey parts to the black parts and even his eyes and mouth which look really good and his utility belt are also amazing. So i would have to say that everything that Mattel did for this doll is just amazing and because it looks like from the film. Good job Mattel.*

*You can only expect to find this figure online since it's online only. But because the film came out. They have added this doll to Toysrus because of how big and Huge he really is. Also he will tower over your other figures you Have because this one is really big and his size is Huge compared to other figures in the line. But because he was sold out at Toysrus you will have to find him Online and track him down. But since he's such a big figure compared to other ones. It will make him a hard to find exclusive. Plus the price for this is Guaranteed to be expensive and it costs about $129.99 because it's both a statue and a collector's item. So get him now before he sells out.*

* And i also give this figure a 10/10 because he's awesome, The detailing and sculpt is Awesome, And because of the Paint Applications, Not a bad figure considering the price that he goes for online. You can expect to find him at any store you run into.*

*Although the prices are expected to change. It's nice that we get this figure along for The Dark Knight which came out in 2008, But although the movie already was shown at theaters. He is now sold out and is not avaliable in Toysrus anymore. So your best Bet would be to try either any store online or online at Toysrus. Because they have him and the price for him may be expensive. So when looking for him. Good luck!!!*

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