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Captain America vs. Morrigan Review

Captain America vs. Morrigan
Marvel vs Capcom (Toy Biz)
My review is only for the Captain America figure that comes with this 2 pack. I bought it online loose out of the package and it only came with the Captain America figure without Morrigan or his shield. This figure is very nicely sculpted especially considering for the time it was made. He has a swivel neck waist and hips. He has ball joints for his shoulders, and hinged elbows and knees. His paint apps are very nice too though in my opinion they may have went a little heavy with the light blue wash on his arms, everywhere else the blue wash looks perfect. The only reason I give this figure a 4.5 instead of perfect 5 is because I feel that they could have added a couple more swivel joints like in the wrist and the thighs, but this is a 90's figrue so considering what was being manufactured at that time this is a solid 5. I am really happy with purchasing this figure and would recomend anyone who is a Captain America fan or anyone just trying to fill there Avengers line up to get this Captain America as opposed to some of the other figures of this character.

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