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Evil Bizarro Review

Evil Bizarro
Superman - Animated Series (Kenner) - Series 4
Bizarro is just cool even if no one knows how to spell his name (Bizarro or Bizzaro...Bizzarro?..oh well, I'll stick to my spelling...). He's one of my favorite super-...well he's not really a hero...or a villain...@_@. He's one of my favorite characters in the old Superman cartoons, even if he only came out 2 or 3 times...He has all the abilities that Superman has (you would too if you were cloned from a strand of hi hair!!) and has a similar color scheme to his suit except that he came out with a screw loose...maybe a whole bushel of screws!!...bushel of screws?...o.o...

Bizarro stands 4.80 inches. His right arm can be spun around by turning a red wheel-like knob in the center of his back so he can swing around the car parts he has as accessories. He has a red cape which can be taken off and put back on. He looks exactly like he did in the cartoons, even down to his hair-do, his yellow teeth, the crooked "S" on his chest, the sloping forehead, and the dark rings under his eyes. He is in an appropriately bizzare stance, and unlike the disappointing Doomsday figure, his stance does not affect his height at all. His upper body has a unique sculpt which really makes Bizarro look like he's ready to jump into action.

Bizarro's suit is supposed to be a faded blue in comparison to Superman's but the paint job on him is too light. It is too faded. The boots and cape, and "S" are all nicely red but the blue parts are so dull they look lavender. Of course, I'm probably the only person in the world to think so...

And now for a bit of extra information (actually just a rumor I heard):
Bizarro's leg sculpt was originally intended for a Flash figure (Flash was a guest star in one of the episodes) that never made it into the toy series, like Lobo and Professor Hamilton.

      by Dr Nightmare   Update Review

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