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Deacon Frost Review

Deacon Frost
Blade Vampire Hunter (Toy Biz)
The late 90's/early 2000's were definitely an odd time for Toy Biz. Toy Biz was in sort of a transition period from the delightful simplicity of their Spider-man and X-men TAS figures, to the awe inspiring sculpt and articulation of such lines as Marvel Legends, Spider-man: The Movie, and X-2. This period is where lines for the film adaptations for Blade and X-men come in; the figures for these two lines featured improvement from earlier Toy Biz, but inferiority to later Toy Biz. Deacon Frost is no exception; while our vampiric fiend sports decent articulation (13 points), he has very sub-par sculpting. Now I'm basing this purely off of the head sculpt, and the reason I'm giving it such a bad rap is because it doesn't resemble Stephen Dorff remotely. But aside from the figures flaws, it does come with a few neat accessories, which are a mix of movie accurate and non-accurate. The two movie accurate accessories are his motorcycle helmet he uses to shield himself from the sun, and his trusty sword used in the final battle with Blade. His two non-accurate accessories are a giant blood arm which clips onto the figure (although this didn't appear in the movie, the original climax had Deacon Frost transform into a giant blood twister when he becomes La Magra), and my personal favorite, a monstrous looking mask that is supposed to be Deacon when he transforms into La Magra nicknamed on the package "Blood Beast". All in all, this is a very sloppy figure, but considering the time it was released, I'll let it pass. It's not a terrible figure, but it's certainly not great, the only thing that convinced me in picking up this figure was the uber cool looking "Blood Beast" mask, I'd only really recommend this figure to a true Blade fan or someone trying to collect all the Marvel Movie based toys.

      by Mr.jackal95   Update Review

User Comments
gunn2mann1 - Tuesday, April 17, 2012
I gotta' agree with you on that and yes I got one only because I am a Blade's the action's cool!

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