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Storm Shadow (Desert Battle) Review

Storm Shadow (Desert Battle)
G.I. Joe - Pursuit of Cobra (Hasbro) - Wave 1
This figure is so well designed and so detailed that it just figures I had to order it online. Never have found it in a store since then.

He comes with 4 swords and they can connect to be double bladed--how awesome is THAT? And plus, the whole thing is a new look for Storm Shadow with the turban and Manrikigusari chain weapon and all that. One of the thing I admire is the way they did the throwing stars. They go on his legs and never fall off unless you take them off. Plus, he's got this big sheath on his back for all the swords, and a little slot in the back for the shorter blades. He always needs a weapon in his hands, so it's fitting that everything can be stored except the tiger claws, so he can be ready to fight Snake Eyes at anytime in case there is an ambush or something. Also, with the Pursuit of Cobra Jungle Assault Snake Eyes, really the only reason to get him is either you're really desperate for a Snake Eyes or you want a ton of traditional ninja weapons for him. That's why I bought it. But with this one, you buy him yes, for the accessories, but also for the amazing paint job, detail, articulation, and so many other things. I really recommend this guy. He'll be a challenge for your Snake Eyes figures to defeat.

      by BobTheEgg   Update Review

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