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Lara Croft (Wetsuit) Review

Lara Croft (Wetsuit)
Tomb Raider - Cradle of Life (SOTA)
We all know the body-hugging silver wetsuit Angelina Jolie donned to play Lara Croft in the movie sequel from the film's poster. She spends the beginning of the movie in it, and looks pretty darned good in it too. So, it's good to have an action figure representation of this look.

There are only three figures in this line, but these figures by SOTA Toys are certainly a step up from Playmates' toys from the first film. First off, it's super articulated, with double joints everywhere! Also, the sculpt is really nice, with nice texture on the suit and very nice boots. The headsculpt is generally excellent, and looks a lot like Angelina - except for the receeded hairline, that gives her too high of a forehead.

The main problem with the figure are that the arms are really really long, and the silver paintjob is prone to chipping. However, Lara's accessories make up for it - she gets two different dart guns, a knife that fits in a sheath on her ankle, and a box she finds in the Luna temple.

Even though it's not Lara Croft's signature look, it's a very high quality representation of Lara's look in the Cradle of Life movie, and deserves a place on your shelf if you'e a Tomb Raider fan.

      by JeddTheJedi   Update Review

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