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Jervis Tech: The Mad Hatter Review

Jervis Tech: The Mad Hatter
Batman - Arkham City (DC Direct) - Series 2
Some stores here in Singapore got the Arkham City wave 2 figures (all except the Riddler) and made them available as a set. Since I didn't like the Batman figure and the hideous Catwoman, I convinced a store-owner to let me get Mad Hatter by himself, and I wanted to get Hush too but ran out of money.

Anyway, the first thing you'd notice about this figure is it's small. Coming in at about 4 inches and just a little over half the size of the rest of the figures, many have said that the figure is not worth getting because it's the same price as the full-sized figures, and that it should have come as an accessory instead.

Value for money non-withstanding, the figure is a very good representation of the Mad Hatter as he appears in the side mission in Arkham City. I don't have any figures of the character, so I jumped at the chance to get this.

The sculpt is generally very good, and the face looks great, sporting a manic smile, crazy eyes and unkempt hair. There are also no real paint issues, with dirty colours represented well. The patchwork coat, made to look stitched together from rags, looks fantastic - especially since the stitches are sculpted in.

The Mad Hatter comes with his hat and a figure stand, which is useful because the main issue with the character is the way he's posed, he can't stand on his own. The figure has 8 points of articulation, most hidden as cut joints (forearms, waist and ankles). His elbows and knees are stuck in awkward positions though, and there's no way to re-balance him to make him stand.

In spite of his size, the Mad Hatter is worth getting if only because it's one of the few action figure incarnations of the character, and looks pretty darn good.

      by JeddTheJedi   Update Review

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