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Hulk Review

Marvel Select (Toy Biz) - Avengers Movie
What can I say, this is the best Marvel Select Hulk to date!
From the amount and style of articulation to the solid paintwork, it's so much better than its predecessors. Although it's the best Marvel Select Hulk, how does it stack up to it's movie likeness? Fair, but not great.

Articulation -4.5
18 Points. The most to date, before that, 10 from the M.S. Green and Red Hulks. Ball joints for shoulder to arms, and also feet to ankle like that of the Colossus and Juggernaut, giving a great range of movement.
The hips have gone to a DC universe style swivel and hinge. Which actually the M.S. Ultimate Grey Hulk had.
He has a slide swivel in the center of the chest to give it a left to right slide, and front to back turn. However I would have rather seen this joint type or a swivel at the torso to hip connection, I like them, it gives a more realistic range of movement rather than at the center of the torso. Torso to hip joint connections, seem to be less a necessity on an articulation heavy figure these days. Many Hasbro Legends, as well as their recent movie figures are even loosing this for the mid torso slide swivel.

Sculpt -3.5/5
I think this is pretty good. He has smaller arms than most Marvel Legends Hulks, but the movie hulk wasn't the biggest, and his hands match that to the movie as they were big, but not as exaggerated as most M.L. Hulk's tend to be.
Matched with other M.S. movie figures he has the correct proportion as he was seen to have.
The torso matched the basic shape, but the muscle sculpting seems to be a bit overstated, as this version of the Hulk was more bulky rather than defined. Without layers and layers of abdominal muscles, and veins of a body builder. He was framed more like a lumbering linebacker, with suggestion of muscle tone, not full on rippling muscles. I feel the sculpt work on the torso doesn't represent this. It looks more like early production art that is even seen on the side of the box. This art was not final, and changed before final work was done in the film.
My other reservation in the sculpt was the head and face. From the ones I looked at today on the shelves and my own, the sculpt is alright, but doesn't really look like the previewed version, or even the picture seen here next to this review. It does resemble the Ruffalo Hulk, or the 'Hulkallo', but not even as good as the 10 inch Gamma Smash Hulk from the youth toys.
All this said, I still have to say it's the best sculpt compared the other M.S. Hulk sculpt, with the most realistic look.

Paint -4/5
As a Marvel Select Hulk, this is so far apart the leader from its peers that it's a league of its own in this category. He does seem a bit too dark for the movie version of him, but I have to overlook this due to the consistency of the dark washes for shadowing and accuracy of the overall application. He would be a perfect 5 if he was light enough!

He's consistently the leader of the pack as far as Marvel Select Hulks. I wouldn't say he's a perfect Avengers movie Hulk, but his quality as apposed to the previous incarnations of Marvel Select Hulks's make him a big fish in a small pond.
I can see customizers really enjoying this as a base figure. I want to see Loosecollector get a hold of one of these, and to be honest, mine is going to have a 10 inch Gamma Smash Hulk's head to replace it, and a fresh paint job. Shhh!

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