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Joker (Hammer Strike) Review

Joker (Hammer Strike)
Batman - New Animated (Mattel)
Many people have mixed feelings about the character designs on the animated show "The Batman" and indeed the show itself, but it does have its charms. This version of the Joker has a pretty cool look, with dramatic green hair that sorta looks like dreadlocks, large yellow teeth, squinted red eyes, bare feet and straitjacket.

This design worked in the context of the show, and is translated pretty well into action figure form here. The defining features of the design pop out, and the paint work is good featuring the bright colours from the show's Joker. The green of the hair and the pale white of the skin in particular are important aspects of the character. The straitjacket is also an interesting addition to the Joker's look, instead of his traditional purple suit. There is a half-way decent amount of articulation for a kid-aimed toy.

However, it appears that there is articulation at the wrist, and when I tried to turn the hand, it popped right out and after that didn't really stay in. The bulk of the hair is a separate piece from the head and can also come loose easily. It almost seemed like the figure had decayed in the packaging; I bought the figure sealed but perhaps time took its toll anyway.

The figure comes with one accessory, an oversized hammer. The action feature is cool - slamming the hammer onto the ground fires a projectile. It makes sense and the accessory makes sense for the Joker character; he may have even used a similar hammer in the show but I'm not sure. However, it's impossible for the Joker to stand up straight holding the hammer, when he has no problems standing without holding the hammer - and actually looks better with empty hands, as if about to strike. Related to the earlier point, the hammer often pulls the hand out of its socket.

If you're a fan of this particular show and love the look of the Joker in it, grab a hold of this if you can find it at a good price. It certainly has its flaws, but is a decent example of a 2D look translated to action figure form.

      by JeddTheJedi   Update Review

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