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Damian as Robin Review

Damian as Robin
Batman Incorporated (DC Direct)
So far, this is the only figure of Bruce Wayne's biological son Damian Wayne as Robin. Previously, a figure of Damian in his League of Assassins jumpsuit was released for the Batman and Son line.

The figure is the right size and build for a kid of about 10 with appropriately skinny arms and legs. Usually, figures of kid characters are stylised with oversized heads or bulging muscles, and this one actually looks like, well, a kid. It also features an excellent headsculpt with great-looking mask and hair, and on a ball joint so you can add some character to the poses. However, I would have preferred it if the figure had a bit of a smile or grin, given Damian's mischievous nature.

The cape is made of a flexible vinyl-ish material, with a leathery texture on the inside which is quite cool. A collapsed hood is sculpted onto the back of his cape; it would have been cool if we could pop the hood over his head somehow but it's not a huge issue. Damian comes with two cool accessories, a bo staff and a gold-hilt katana. The staff fits a little loosely in his hand, but the katana fits fine. Articulation is also adequate, with the afore-mentioned ball-jointed head, ball-jointed shoulders, swivel elbows and knees, cut wrists and a concealed cut wasit.

However, my biggest problem with this figure is that the right hand popped right off, and can't stay on. It speaks badly of DC Direct quality control for such an obvious construction flaw. It's a blotch on this otherwise-good figure.

Damian Wayne himself is a divisive character among the Batman fandom, but lately he's been growing on me, and I'm happy to own a figure of him in his Robin gear. Pity about that hand.

      by JeddTheJedi   Update Review

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