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Green Lantern Review

Green Lantern
Total Justice (Kenner) - Series 1
Here's another Total Justice figure that could have been truly great but was botched just like the others...

It's our young Green Lantern rookie Kyle Raynor!! Yes, I was happy when I saw this one. So I bought one online and when I got him a few days later I thought he was great!! He has his original suit, dark body, white chest with symbol, green boots, gloves and ring, like in the comics before he got that whole Ion Power thing in him. He comes with some nice-looking crystal-green armor pieces that snap on to his body.
His right arm is straight and has a clenched fist just as if he were using his ring. His left arm is bent up with an open palm facing up. His legs are in a stance similar to Flash's from this same toy-line so he looks ready to fly into action.

The bad parts to him:
He could have been made slightly taller to be more accurate to the 5 inch scale. He stands 4.60 inches tall, now this looks just fine because he is only 20-something but 4.75 or 4.80 would have have made him perfect. Kyle here is another victim of "leg-lopped" syndrome as I've come to call it. The positioning of his legs shortens him those few crucial millimeters.

Now about his likeness to the first glance, yes he looks like Kyle, but if you really take a good look he looks like Kyle at age 30-something, just like Flash's face does except that Raynor's face is locked in a battle cry. It still looks pretty cool. I guess the people making this line wanted to show the JLA as the grizzled veterans they were to become. Another thing, what is up with those crazy neck muscles!? Those muscles are so overexaggerated that he doesnt even seem have a neck!! His shoulders just arch up to meet his jawline...interestingly enough, Flash also has this problem...So because of those crazy muscles and the leg-loppiness Kyle here gets a 4/5

      by Dr Nightmare   Update Review

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