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Carnage (Capture Webs) Review

Carnage (Capture Webs)
Spider-Man - Classics (Hasbro)
Now, I must add, also you could guess from my name, I LOVE CARNAGE!!! Well, overall, he's a good figure for any Carnage fan. Poor Carnage, such an underated character. Well anyways, he has good articulation, his head moves up, down, and rotates 360 degrees, his chest can slightly move down, and his arms and legs move up, down, out, and have joints in elbows and knee areas. His feet move down and bend at the toes. Now, his hands, have moving thumbs and index fingers, but the rest of the 3 fingers are connected together and move up. His wrists turn, too. I think like all Carnage figures, they have the black spots paint scheme instead of the lines, which is fine with me. He has a decent paint job, although the head, and parts of the arms and legs are a darker shade of red the the rest of him, which kinda sucks. Overall, if you like carnage, you'll like this figure. He is very fun, I play with him a lot, him being my favorite Spidey character of ALL TIME!!! His capture webs are somewhat difficult to tie around other figures, and sometimes pop open, but are still a cool accessory. He is good for a factory, the best i've seen from the toy companies, but of course all of us customizers could do better! But like I said, good for a factory made carnage. I must add, It SUCKS that they discontinued these Spiderman Classics toys for the new movie. Or, I think they did at least. The only place I can find any of them are the ones left at Walgreens. I haven't seen anymore Carnages, though. Beleive it or not, this Carnage is the reason I started collecting Spidey figures. He was my first, and my favorite. In my opinion, he is a great figure. 4 and a half stars. I love him, that's all I can say. He could use a few more things, a couple changes. But hey, what are you gonna do? Make a custom, that's what! But if you don't want to go through all the customizing hassle, he's fine. He's a good figure, a GREAT figure! HE'S CARNAGE!!!

      by Carnage99   Update Review

User Comments
BobTheEgg - Tuesday, August 7, 2012
Great review! Detailed, and really just... I want to get this guy now! Carnage is awesome, and I've been looking for a good one for a long time.
Carnage99 - Tuesday, August 7, 2012
Yah if you like carnage he's GREAT!!! I think they might have discontinued them, but I'm not sure. The only places I can find them now are toys-r-us and walgreens, but I'm not sure if they get more in or not. GOOD LUCK!
Dr. Snorable - Thursday, August 9, 2012
I have 2 of them!!!! They are AWESOME!!
Carnage99 - Thursday, August 9, 2012
You have 2???
Dr. Snorable - Monday, August 13, 2012
Yep I have 2!!!
Dr. Snorable - Monday, August 6, 2012
Nice review!
Carnage99 - Tuesday, August 7, 2012

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