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Doctor Doom Review

Doctor Doom
Marvel Select (Toy Biz)
Okay, this is Dr. Doom were talking about here. GREAT FIGURE!!! Just got him yesterday, and I LOVE HIM!!! I WOULD give him a definite 5 stars, because, with Marvel Select, it doesn't get much better in detail, and usually articulation, too! But anyways, there's only one flaw. He comes with a total BEAST throne, and a cool goblet with some wine in it. He sits fairly good in the chair, except his feet aren't on the top step, because it's too short. I'm not sure he was suppossed to sit in it, but I like it when he does, the reason he is 4.5 stars, is because you have to take his cape off for him to sit in it, and he look funny without it. Also, the flags are thin pieces of cardboard, but it's still nice looking. It took me a LOOONG time to figure out how to attach the eagle, because it was kind of hard to turn the poles, so the balls are in front, and then push it down onto the clips, but I eventually figured it out! After that, I felt like a retard, it being so simple! But, other than that, he is really cool! The gun doesn't stay in his hand unless in a certain position, but has a nice holster. Overall, he is a great figure! I picked him up at a store called Slackers, which is in the mall. He was 22 bucks. Good guy for the price! Weird, Slackers usually only has about 3 of the Marvel Select figures, this time they had 28! And they were all different! Too bad they didn't have an Anti-Venom! But, Overall, I HIGHLY recommend this figure. He is a very good choice to add to your collection! He is my second Marvel Select! I also have War Machine, who I might review at another time! Well, if you have some extra cash, and no Dr. Doom, go get in your car and get him!!!

      by Carnage99   Update Review

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