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Nightwing Review

DC Universe Classics (Mattel) - Wave 3
I purchased my figure loose from Ebay.

The appearance of the figure is akin to what you'd see in the comic books. I was especially pleased with the headsculpt. Nightwing's expression is neutral/serious without being grim or snarly, which is appropriate given his lighthearted demeanor in the comics. His face is attractive (again, appropriate) and his hair is similar to how it's styled in the comics. 5 stars for the face.

The body of the figure is nice and lean, in keeping with his acrobat credentials. I found that the hands are simply too large to grip the escrima sticks the figure comes with (and from the reviews I've read of the figure, this is a common issue.) I also had some difficulty keeping my figure upright and balanced, but I'm kind of a novice so perhaps I just don't know how to position him right.

      by cornflakepizza   Update Review

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