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Rorschach (Masked) Review

Rorschach (Masked)
Watchmen (DC Direct) - Series 1
After months of searching, I finally found a masked Rorschach figure. Odd that the "exclusive variant" is easier to find than the regular figure. The detail on this figure is spectacular, and it is so spectacular that if you position Rorschach just right you can't even notice that he is an action figure. The paint job is beautiful and artistic and realistic, and I love the look of everything. However, Rorschach, being one of the lead characters in Watchmen, moves around a lot. Before I got this figure I thought he would be able to kick down doors, or shoot a flame thrower, or at least write and do detective work or something. This figure can do none of those things. It is more like a statue than a figure which is understandable, considering the fact that it is DC Direct, but they didn't even include ball jointed shoulders on this guy. His legs can't move up and down, outward, or bend at the knees or ankles. He has no bicep swivel and no waist swivel, no ab crunch or ball jointed head. His head just swivels, cocked to the side. For some poses this looks good. Others, not so much. Rorschach only has swivel legs, swivel wrists, hinged elbows, swivel shoulders, and a swivel head. He does come with a very nice alternate hand and I love the display base, and the idea of interchangeable pegs. I also like how detailed the grappling gun is and how well it fits in his hand. They even put his little Rorschach symbol on the grip. But if you are ok with a figure that doesn't have to be articulated for you to like it, by all means pick this guy up. I am big on articulation so I think I'll wait for Mattel's Rorschach (DCUC Style). This one is very, very nice though, and it is a work of art. Rorschach is a beautiful figure to look at, but you will have to decide: "What do you see?"

      by BobTheEgg   Update Review

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