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Master Chief Review

Master Chief
Halo 4 (McFarlane) - Series 1
The newest version of the chief that is also repackaged with the stasis tube. The articulation is good, better than some I've bought, and the paint job is above average for McFarlane. The only real complaint is the lack of extra weapons with the figure. I hope they release some weapon packs like they did before, which are now 20.00 a package, so that we can get more variety and customization going or that a 3rd party starts making them. Overall a good figure but the lack of extra gear/weapons is a big setback for this line. I would have preferred some more detail in him given the amount of detail on his game model but at this scale it would probably be barely noticeable. The under suit (the black parts) are smooth on this figure while on the H3 chief they're a bit more textured and in H4 they have a honeycomb like pattern. 4 out of 5 stars.

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