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Judge Anderson Review

Judge Anderson
2000 AD (Re-Action Figures)
Line: 2000 AD Series I, 1999
Company: Re-Action
UPC Barcode: 690355000024

Overview: Taken from the pages of the classic Judge Dredd and 2000 AD comics, Judge Anderson stands 5.5" tall. She has articulation at the head, shoulders, elbows, and forearms (7 points). The figure comes with a can of Boing!, a mine-like Suction Trap, and a Lawgiver Mark I Pistol.

The Good: Excellent job on getting the Judge's uniform right, even to the eagle beltbuckle. Her uniform actually features a chain on the non-moving "zipper" connecting it to her Psi-Judge badge!

Her left hand can be turned palm-up to hold the Boing! can perfectly.

Her elbows are ball jointed and so can be moved side to side as well as up and down. Her forearms can be turned completely around.

The pistol (well-sculpted, right out of the comics) can be held in her right hand or slipped into a holster on her right boot.

The "forearm" articulation is because of the long, thick gloves Judges wear, nearly to the elbow. I thought it looked strange at first, but then realized it really does look right, especially as the gloved are sculpted to have wrinkles and folds as though the figure is moving naturally.

Figure is pretty stable, slight habit to tip forward but has a good
wide-foot stance.

The Bad: No leg articulation at all, not even at the hips. Dan Marino was more mobile.

The large plastic shoulder pads pop off when you try to move the
figure's shoulders. They slide right back on, but you'll need to leave them off if you want Judge Anderson to raise her arms very much.

The Ugly: Judge Anderson has long dark blonde hair, usually well past her shoulders. So why does the figure have brownish-colored hair that doesn't even cover her neck?

What do you mean this figure was only available in England? There are Dredd fans (and Anderson groupies) in North America, too! You will only find this figure on the secondary markets.

The Last Shot: The Verdict: Great sculpting job on the Judge uniform, good details on the equipment. Closer to a statue with the lack of leg articulation, but good to have in your collection.

Related Toys: The card lists other Series I action figures; there's Judge Dredd, Judge Death, Johnny Alpha, Slaine (who comes with a smaller Ukko figure), and the other female of the line is vampire babe Durham Red.
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