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Cortana Review

Halo 4 (McFarlane) - Series 1
Not sure what to say about this figure. It's the first cortana not to be made of tinted clear plastic and to be articulated. Unlike the base of all the other cortana's going back to the original Joyride toys it isn't made to light up, it looks like they might have thought about it then changed their mind. The articulation is minimal and the entire sculpt is bad including the face. I have no doubt McFarlane had access to the CG files so i don't know why her face is so terrible. Maybe someone with the PC version will do a 3d printed version.
Her other accessory is a spare hand that is attached to a "hologram" of the display screen she uses in game to wake the Chief. It's another neat item that would have been great to find a way to have lit. The only really interesting thing about this figure is the tiny Chief you get as a promo of the 1/100 scale miniature Halo line McFarlane is putting out. He has better details than the 6" figure he comes with.

A major let down after the previous Cortana figures.

      by wesr   Update Review

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