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UNSC Cryotube (with Master Chief) Review

UNSC Cryotube (with Master Chief)
Halo 4 (McFarlane) - Deluxe Figures
The Figure: It's the same chief you get in the other packaging but with the sticky grenade gun and a "frosted" paint job that is super faint on mine to the point you don't even notice it really. The tube itself is okay. The door engineering is really good so that it can't open on it's own. The interior is very bare bones and the figure is able to bounce around inside it. The tube itself is badly painted on mine with the drybrushing of the darker metallic color being sloppy. The only signs of "frost" is on the window and it really looks more like those window clings you get for Christmas decorating than anything else. The back of the tube has exposed screws, though i doubt most people will look back there.
The tube would have greatly improved if they'd added a cheap LED light inside like in the game and done the paint job better on both the tube and the Chief. With some customizing the this set will really shine.

      by wesr   Update Review

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