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Master Chief Evolution Review

Master Chief Evolution
Halo - Anniversary (McFarlane) - Series 1 - Boxed Sets
A real money saver as for 25.00 or so you can get all 3 of the anniversary figures without having to chase after them one at a time. The downside is the "The Package" chief with "117" on his chest isn't included so you still have to track that one down. They cover every armor he had since the original game. They come with weapons representing each game as well: the assault rifle, dual smg, and sniper rifle. Sadly like the H4 figures no other accessories are included, no grenades or anything. The articulation is the usual mix of good and bad that we all have come to expect from McFarlane. The paint is above average on the ones I have. It's for sure a set to get if you don't already have the figures.

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