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Rhino Review

Marvel Select (Toy Biz)
A very well done figure, with a few minor nits. For starters, this Rhino figure is BIG. Like, 9 inches big, so he may not perfectly be in scale with Marvel Legends, but I personally don't mind. His sculpt is chock full of detail, such as the many folds and bumps on his costume, and they even put the second set of rhino eyes on his hood that some people find silly. His articulation above the waist is very good, with a ball joint at the base of his neck, ball jointed shoulders and elbows, swivel wrists, and a ball jointed abdomen. Below the waist however, he has ball jointed hips (the peg connecting the leg to the torso goes straight up into the torso)and they are very restricted. he also has ball jointed knees, which are, again, fairly limited, along with the new ankle rockers that have a peg going into the foot like a shoe, and these provide excellent movement. When picking out Rhino (if you buy him in store), make sure you check for the best paint: I've seen a few samples that were rather wall-eyed, and he also has odd yellow lines between his teeth, almost as if he forgot to brush, so make sure those are neat as well. Overall, despite a bit of limited articulation, I would still heartily recommend this Rhino, especially to anyone that missed out on the Marvel Legends Fearsome Foes version.

      by Black Arbor   Update Review

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