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Megaman X (Metallic Version) (SDCC) Review

Megaman X (Metallic Version) (SDCC)
MegaMan (Bandai) - D-Arts
The one I bought was about the cost of it at the SDCC but this was because the right arm was broken at the shoulder joint and his left foot was out of the socket. The pictures you see of this line shows them being highly pose-able but the brand new ones I have are not that pose-able at all. The have good articulation with many of the points being hidden by other parts or are specially designed to stay hidden even when bent. The energy blasts that are meant to lock into the cannon don't stay put though. The figure comes with 3 alternate faces, 2 types of energy blasts, 2 versions of the blaster: 1 to put the blasts in and one that looks like he hasn't charged it yet.
The metallic finish is nice and even and the paint applications to the face are very well done. The figure does come off as being rather fragile with the connections to the torso and hips making me worry whenever i even touched them. The other downside to the metallic paint is that fingerprints show up really well on it. A display base of some kind would have been nice but the figure is stable enough standing on its own unless in a pose.The obvious seams where he's put together is a downside too, they could have made them look like scribed panel lines or something. For the price you really can't beat it. 4.0 out of 5.

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