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Rockman Review

MegaMan (Bandai) - D-Arts
The originator of them all. This is a very anime based take on him as you see in the manga in Japan. He comes with an energy blast that looks a lot like the one that comes with X. You also get a spare arm with 3 hands and an alternate mega buster. You get a Met (Mettaur) and Rush who sadly still looks like he belongs to Roll and not Mega with that color scheme of his. The joints on this figure are nice and tight with no play and the seems are less visible. He is noticeably shorter than the other figures though i'm not sure if they're the correct scale together or not.
The paint is clean and crisp as well. It can't get a full 5 stars because Rush isn't that interesting nor does he transform into anything. I'd have gone for some of his other modes if i could have. Overall 4.5 out of 5 stars.

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