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G.I. Joe Trooper Review

G.I. Joe Trooper
G.I. Joe - Retaliation (Hasbro)
I picked up this figure at a local Target for $9. A bit pricey for me as I usually buy Joes at discount stores, but this guy caught my eye because of his vibrant colors and detail (okay, maybe also his resemblance to Master Chief from Halo). He also came with a TON of cool stuff, and it seemed as if he could hold it at the same time.

Right on all counts.

This figure is absolutely incredible. He has all the usual GI Joe articulation, as well as the all new rocker ankles, and his elbow ball joints have an especially large range of motion for nice gun wielding. His various pouches, harnesses, cape, and backpack do not hinder his movement at all either. The cape might even be a nice weapon concealer. He has a solid, well working articulation design that works well and fits his marching soldier persona.

The detail is great! To be honest, I wasn't surprised to see the various creases and intricate use of paint (No GI Joe logo, but maybe this guy is a spy or something,) because most GI Joes are very elaborate. What DID surprise me was how good his face looked as opposed to the quality control on say, Duke or Roadblock. I really like the little scar over his eye (not sure if it's meant to be there, but still cool), and the mohawk helps fit his gas mask snug on his head. I also like his brass knuckles and the various buckles on his harness. All in all, GI Joe level detail.

The accessories - THE ACCESSORIES! Oh my, he comes with so many and they fit together so well. I'll start with the helmets. The nod to Master Chief is nice, but I like how the green helmet looks unique in of itself with its facial design. The gas mask with air capsules looks great too, and it fits on his backpack REALLY nicely, but more on that a little later. I also like how the gas mask is held onto the figure's head by his mohawk, which I think I mentioned. Overall, really nice and well-functioning helmet designs.

The figure's backpack is so well designed that I was shocked. The peg holding it into his back is a bit long, but overall the backpack fits together quite nicely and the GI Joe Trooper has a great range of movement even when it's fully loaded. It's so nice to have a figure with tons of accessories that he can hold ALL AT THE SAME TIME. Hasbro did a really, really nice job of putting various holsters (4), pockets, creases, clips (2), and inserts (1 for his shovel,) on the GI Joe Trooper's backpack.

Now, to the surplus of awesome weapons. The GI Joe trooper includes two knives and a double sheath that can fit on his harness. One of the knives is barbed, and one is smaller with two holes in it (for throwing, maybe?). They aren't painted, just a solid grey, but the accessories don't really need to be painted. The solid color looks just fine.

The figure also includes two awesome, futuristic looking grey revolvers which can be holstered in his backpack. They look great (I myself am a big fan of shotguns and revolvers). I really like how well he holds them and his up/down wrist articulation helps with that a lot. Along with that, the figure also has two smaller pistols which can be concealed under his cape. They are very nice and he grips them quite easily as well.

Along with this, the GI Joe Trooper has a grenade launcher, sniper rifle, and assault rifle (with a grenade attachment,) all of which are solid grey. His grenade launcher has a very nice sight and texture, as does the assault rifle. The figure's sniper rifle goes along great with his gas mask and Boba Fett style blue cape (there is a variant with a brown gas mask, cape, and scarf). The rifle is also quite detailed, and the Trooper can aim down the sights. The GI Joe Trooper holds and functions with his weapons quite well.

In conclusion, I think that the GI Joe Trooper is one of the best Retaliation figures to date. He is well articulated, comes with great, functional accessories, and is extremely detailed. An absolutely amazing figure.

      by BobTheEgg   Update Review

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