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Dangerous Curves Ahead Review

Dangerous Curves Ahead
Danger Girl (McFarlane) - Special Editions
I bought this as an alternative to buying all 3 figures separately for a project. They're the exact same figures except they have pegs on their feet to fit into the base. The base also features a stack of skulls and an old wall you saw come with the individual figures. That's the only good thing that can be said of the base. It's nothing but super thing brittle plastic that reminds one of those hollow plastic railroad mountains/tunnels you get for train sets. It's never meant to be taken out of the package. The package itself is a very nice container that would make a good protective packaging for the figures once you created a new base. Overall it's the same figures glued to a base so unless you plan to just display it splurge and get the loose figures. UPDATE: I just got a better look at the figures and the paint jobs on the hair or horrible compared to the loose figures i had. The colors aren't blended and are shiny instead of flat/matte.

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