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Spider-Man (Power Punch) Review

Spider-Man (Power Punch)
Spider-Man (2010) (Hasbro) - Wave 2
Power Punch Spiderman is a concept that could have turned out well. Too bad just about everything is wrong with this figure. First of all like all figures from this series they are painfully small. It is about the same size as a spiderman figure I got from McDonalds when I was a kid. Thinking of buying from this series for a child? I'll save you the trouble just don't. A gentle child will have no trouble breaking this guy by accident. The armour makes him look a little bigger its too bad it is very difficult to get on and off. The instructions show both sides of the armour having a small clasp which would allow you to undo them and slip it off over his head. However on the actual figure there is only one clasp on one side. Meaning you have to twist pull at his arms and head to try to force it off. This toy is a big screw you to children parents and collectors Nowhere near worth the price tag even at the best sale of a retailers life. I will perhaps even write an angry letter to the manufacturer...Just as soon as I get this stupid armour off. Apparently it is much easier to get off without a head.

      by 90sforlife   Update Review

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