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Knock Out Review

Knock Out
Transformers - Prime (Hasbro) - Deluxe Class
knockout is sadistic when he is doing experements he is worse cause he cares nothing for you,re well fare just ask breakdown

so you would think that his toy would match his personality well and iam not saying its a bad figure far from it but it could have been so much better

car mode ***

iam not a expert on cars so i cant tell you what type it is, unfortunetly but the car looks ok the paint is lacking something wich i cant put my finger on and the car mode is way too small for what knockdown is size wise in the cartoon that said i love the car mode at the same time its simple but effective yes lack of paint and size is a major issue but it dosent distract from the fun of the mode


iam not going in to detail about it cause theres plenty of vids on youtube that can explain a lot better than i can

the transformation is very not complex but a pain to get to get right the top being the main proplem getting the legs right is easy enough the proplem is however that the top half requires a lot of twisting and unless you have enough practice it,ll make you lose youre hair its the arms mostly theres two ways of doing it and those two ways look as bad as each other when done side from that transformations is ok

robot mode ****

now dispite what i said the robot mode is a lot of fun posibelity is awsome and you can get him in his hands on hips mode the smirk on his face adds to the personality wich love the robot mode is essentailly the best part of the toy and i love it

his wepon is ok its a energy spear and needs a lot of paint but it dose look fatal enough and makes him look deadly


dispite its flaws i love this toy and will recomend it totally


      by ashen   Update Review

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