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Batmobile Review

Batman (Mattel) - Vehicles
Oh, man. This is beyond words. So awesome... Eh, I'll try to put it in words anyway.

This beautiful piece of plastic machinery is THE Batmobile. With countless features and an incredible paint job, as well as tons of details and two removable vehicles INSIDE of it, it's definitely the definitive 6 inch Batmobile. Classic two-seater with all the works from a battering ram with a missile launcher to a removable glider to Robin's remote eject motorbike - and, of course, clipping seat belts. Mattel just went above and beyond to make the best Batmobile of all time. Such a shame that it was recalled. So glad I snagged one of these before they went away. If you're lucky and you see it anywhere, if you are in need of a Batmobile, if you want something awesome to display your 6 inch Batman, Robin, Nightwing, Catwoman, Azreal, Alfred, (...Well, look through Batman's short list of people who are allowed to drive the Batmobile. Superman's not on it, by the way.) Then get this without hesitation. Beautiful car. I said it once and I'll say it again, this is the. Batmobile... and Batcycle and Batglider and all around awesome sportscar-tank of mass destruction. Run, Joker, run.

      by BobTheEgg   Update Review

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