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Deadpool / Taskmaster Review

Deadpool / Taskmaster
Marvel Universe - Fury Files (Hasbro) - Comic Packs - Greatest Battles
I am very, very impressed with this two-pack. Though it may come with a reprint comic book as opposed to display bases, the two figures more than make it a great buy.

Deadpool has a very nice paint job, and a comical facial expression that suits the character quite well. He can store all of his accessories on his body, which is very nice, and he seems to hold them all quite firmly, more or less. Plus, he includes two katanas (of course), a hunting knife, and a pistol (not sure what model). He's also nicely articulated and comes with a lot of original pieces not recycled from old figures, which is nice.

Taskmaster also has fantastic, vibrant paint apps on his costume, which add a lot of excitement to the cleverly recycled parts making up his mold. He can hold all of his well painted accessories at the same time. They are: a pistol, a sword, a bow, and his trademark shield. His arrow quiver is probably removable too but I'd rather not risk breaking it. His cape has a fantastic mold and looks very flowing and nice.

I was very satisfied with this two-pack and now have definitive Marvel Universe Taskmaster and Deadpool figures. Definitely worth getting if you have the chance, or worth hunting down if you're in need of a couple 3.75 inch super-powered mercenaries.

      by BobTheEgg   Update Review

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