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Ghost Rider Review

Ghost Rider
Marvel Universe - Fury Files (Hasbro) - Wave 10
This is such a great figure and it's surprisingly easy to find so, if you collect Marvel Universe figures or want to start collecting, there's no reason to pass it up.

This Ghost Rider's mold was so good that it has been reused over and over again in the Marvel Universe line. That's because 1) there's a great amount of articulation on it (waist swivel!), 2) there are a lot of characters with costumes that can be modified from it, and 3) there are so many creases, folds, and little details on the figure that it's just fantastic.

Ghost Rider himself has a great clear fiery head, with a creepy smiling skull that really captures the nature of his demonic stare. You can see the orange hughes in his eye sockets, simulating the flames within. Ponies with rainbow wings can also be seen if you look quite closely. (No, they can't. Stop looking for ponies.)

The figure includes a chain whip with a clear, red-hot Hellfire tip for roasting villains. I found an awesome flaming motorcycle for him at Tuesday Morning and now, my Marvel Universe Ghost Rider is even more awesome (if that were possible.)

      by BobTheEgg   Update Review

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