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Dobby Review

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (Mattel)
This Dobby figure is great it has an amazing sculpt, a nice paint job, a cool action feature and alot of good accesssories. The figure is very detailed and the sculpt captures the look of the beloved house elf from the movie. The figure contains four awesome accesssories a lamp, an iron and the dessert that Dobby makes hover in the movie and a purple catapult that flings the dessert. The action feature on the figure is cool too you push a small button on the back which makes Dobby hit himself with either his hands, the lamp or the iron which is cool because you can recreate the scenes where Dobby is punishing himself. Ovaral the figure is very good and is my personal favorite Harry Potter figure that I own and i would recomend it because it is also one of the only Dobby figures ever made.

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