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Spider-Man (Super Poseable) Review

Spider-Man (Super Poseable)
Spider-Man - Animated Series (Toy Biz) - Series 4
This is one of the best versions of Spiderman. This is how a Spiderman figure is supposed to be made, original suit, not too muscular, and super-poseable!

With his legs stretched out, when you stand him up he is almost exactly 5 inches tall. This may seem a little too big in comparison to the other figures in the series (because Spiderman is only around 5 foot, 3 inches) but when you put him in a "cool pose" he looks like he definitely belongs. His right hand is sculpted into a fist and his left hand is sculpted like he's shooting his webbing. Articulation is a lot like the Marvel Legends toys but it still looks like an animated figure which is a good job on Toy Biz's part. Joints are at his ankles, knees, hips (full range of motion), waist, torso (I'm so happy he has this articulation), shoulders (full range), elbows, wrists, and neck. What's nice about the neck is that you can make Spiderman face in almost any direction a normal person could since it works like a ball-and-socket joint. The fact that he can also twist at the torso lets you pose him is realistic positions.

If he's so great, why did he get only a 4.5? Well if you pose him too much the joints become a little loose which can make it hard to stand Spidey in certain positions. Secondly, The rods placed in the joints are made of metal (instead of plastic, like Scarlet Spider) which is a good idea for durability, but a bad idea aesthetically since Spidey has little metal circles where the joints are. They aren't that noticable though so they are a minor issue. The sharpness and clarity of the black web-lines and eye-outlines on Spidey's suit differ from toy to toy. The spider symbol on his chest is, thankfully, always sharp and clear but the spider on his back is a slight mess, of course this may just be on the one I bought. Again, this is a minor issue, overall the paintjob is pretty good. Finally, this may just be nit-picking but I think his calves are exaggerated. I know Spiderman can jump really high and really far so he needs strong leg muscles but these just seem a tad too much.

If you want the best representation of the original Spiderman then buy this one. There are other Spiderman figures with less articulation, if you prefer those, but I recommend this one.

      by Dr Nightmare   Update Review

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