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Batman Review

New 52 (DC Collectibles)
This was my first figure out of the dc collectibles and it is great! I am going to list the pros and cons of this figure so you can have some extra info.


articulation: on this figure articulation is very good. For collecters who like to pose figures this is an ok figure with articulation at the neck/head shoulder and bicep, also some elbow articulation. The is articulation at the legs but it is not a ball joint so the figures legs can only move forward and backward. There is also knee articulation. If you are looking for a durable figure that stands up to play but looks nice too, then this is your figure!

sculpt: let me just say the sculpt on this is awesome! All the lines on the figure are sculpted and it is spot on with the comic book character. The cape is rubber though which is the only down side if you care about that.

paint job: the paint job on this figure is great! There are no smears and the color choices are optimum! The kin on batman's face is awesome!


accessories: there are no accesories on this figure.

packaging: although the packaging does no harm to the figure it is not the most beautiful packaging and it is hard to display the figure because the packaging covers up alot of the figure. If you want to display this figure in the case i'd check it out first.

overall: it is more for kids who play than collecters who pose however collecters should not shy away from it either.

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