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Loki Review

Marvel Select (Toy Biz) - Thor - The Mighty Avenger
First off, i must say this is an amazing figure! The sculpt of the entire piece is spot on to Tom Hiddleston in costume in both Thor and Marvel's The Avengers films.

The paint apps on this figure are also very detailed. The gold colors really shine with nice dark accents. The accessories are sweet too; Loki comes with Heimdall's sword and the fixture to the Bifrost (the other part of the base comes with Thor) and also Odin's spear.

Even the articulation on this one rocks! His head moves up and down and side to side, he has a diaphragm joint, hinged shoulders and ball-jointed hips, double jointed knees, elbow joint swivel and rotation, rotation at the wrists, legs and ankles and not ankle pivots but at least disc joints.

Although he does stand a bit tall for your Marvel Legends at 7.5" tall, he still does work in my opinion, especially with a Series 3 or ROML Modern Thor. This is a must-have figure even though the price and rarity seem to have gone up recently on it. If you can land it for $50-60 US, do it!

      by Dr.Zom   Update Review

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