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Riddler (Talking) Review

Riddler (Talking)
Batman Forever (Kenner) - Deluxe Figures
Riddle me this? Why does Jim Carrey's performance have more in in common with The Joker than the Riddler himself? Eh, who cares?! You'd have to be a stuffy bore in order to not have enjoyed Carrey's performance at least on some visceral level. I'm a guy who likes to own at least one plastic effigy of the things that he likes so I was in luck with this figure not only because it's the only single carded movie accurate Riddler, but this also happens to be my favorite Riddler costume from the film. Why, you ask? Simple, this costume is the ultimate embodiment of Carrey's Riddler: flashy, over-the top, and down right silly. This figure captures everything from that look into plastic and shrinks it down so it can fit into the palm of your hand.

The body is merely a rehash of the body found on the Riddler & Two-Face two-pack. This time around, the figure sports a white bodysuit with green question marks; in the movie, the suit is covered in glistening sequins similar to a Las Vegas performer. Incorporating sequins is hard to do on a plastic figure however but Kenner managed to replicate the appearance of sequins by mixing glitter into the plastic, successfully giving it the twinkling appearance. Keeping in-line with Kenner figures of the time, the figure has a slightly exaggerated build which looks more like a well conditioned athlete rather than Jim Carrey's slinky physique. My favorite feature however, is the head sculpt which nicely captures Jim Carrey's grinning visage and exaggerated hair-horns which make the figure look like a giggling little cartoon devil.

Articulation-wise, the figure has the standard five points but is slightly hindered by it's non-neutral pose. Several nice paint apps are found on the figure including his green and black shoes, the fingers, and his little question mark mask. The green question marks on the suit are also nicely applied but regrettably don't cover the back of the figure. Despite the figure itself being straight out of the movie, the accessories are far from it. The figure comes with a ridiculously over-sized question mark cane, why the figure couldn't have the skull mark cane from the movie or at the very least, a repack of the smaller cane is beyond me. The next accessory is the backpack which contains the talking feature. Looking more like an elaborate chair, this "backpack" features nice details such as keyboards and video-screens. Push the button and the voice box spews out three phrases in random order.

All in all, this is a cute and fun little figure. I recommend it any Batman Forever fan and certainly to any Carrey Riddler fan.

      by Mr.jackal95   Update Review

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