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Punisher Review

Spider-Man - Animated Series (Toy Biz) - Series 5
There is just something so damn cool about this guy...there is some wierd feeling you get from this toy from staring at it for a while, almost as if he's staring back at you and saying "Stop staring at me kid or I'll break your neck."

First, if you haven't seen the movie yet, go do that now. Best damn comic-based movie I've seen. There was an earlier Punisher movie but I havent had a chance to find that one yet. The Punisher has his own comic book series as a vigilante anti-hero (too bad I cant afford to buy the comics anymore...). He's actually a really good guy except that he kills people. His family was executed by The Mob and other shady characters and now Frank Castle (The Punisher) roams the night streets in search of villains and gives them what they deserve. The Punisher is better than Batman in every way. YEAH, I SAID IT.

The Punisher was made for this Spiderman line because he made a guest appearance on the cartoon show, like Daredevil and Captain America. On the cartoon appearance he had a terrible light-blue, black, and some other wierd color scheme but mercifully Toy Biz gave the toy the comic book colors. Black pants and shirt with white gloves, boots, and menacing skull on his chest, a symbol of truth, justice, and The Punisher's way. He stands 5 inches tall and has the basic 5-point articulation (arm-elbow-leg-knee-neck). His right hand is in a fist and can hold something, like a rifle or a shotgun, in it. His left hand looks like it is ready to either karate-chop, shake someone's hand, drag someone by the hair, pick something up for examination, and when raised to his head it looks like he is saluting (which is fitting since he used to be a secret ops agent for the US Army). He has a knife holster on his left boot which you can take the knife out of, and a gun holster on his right leg which can't hold anyhting since it is just sculpted on (bummer). He has a brown belt with small pouches around his waist and other than the knife, I don't know if he came with any other weapons since I didn't buy my Punisher at the toy store.

If you only know The Punisher from the comic book then the grim, "I'm going to stick a knife through your neck" face sculpt will look alright. He has black, slicked back hair and best of all, he has stubble!

His upperbody sculpt looks a little wierd though, it's almost as if his chest sticks out too much. The boots are a good scult but I think Toy Biz thought Punisher needed a little extra height so they added a little more plastic under the boots. They look like HI-Top boots if that makes sense....but it doesnt matter since you cant see the bottom of the boots anyway.

Go watch The Punisher... And read the comics!

      by Dr Nightmare   Update Review

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