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Legend of Zelda - Ocarina of Time (BD&A)
This is a figure that i have wanted for quite some time. upon purchasing it i was both happy and sad. i was incredibly happy to finally own an action figure based on my favorite incarnation of Link from the legend of Zelda series. However, i was unpleasantly surprised that the figure was hollow inside. However, the figure was still sturdy and fun to play with but when i raised his arms, his torso opened along the sides. this was clearly not supposed to happen. however this is only a very minor problem. the figure still looks very nice and the sculpt on his torso, boots and gloves is very nicely done. his face resembles Link and the hair is a pretty good colour (in that it is not too bright). The accessories included are also very nice (however the figure i bought came without his sword and shield). The figure was packaged with both his master sword and hylian shield. Admittedly i would have like to see this figure with perhaps his mirror shield or biggoron's sword. But i can settle for the accessories he was packed with. over all this is a relatively nice figure. If you are a fan of Ocarina of Time then i would highly recommend this figure. However, due to the limited articulation and lack of high detail, this figure is not for everyone. Though i do still love it and it has a permanent place on my list of favorite action figures of all time.


      by Ohmethias   Update Review

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