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Scarlet Spider Review

Scarlet Spider
Marvel (Toy Biz) - Overpower
There are few Spiderman figure variations that are worth buying, let alone worth mentioning, but Scarlet Spider is one of those Spiderman toys you just have to get. He isnt just another repaint and he doesnt have some cheesy new weapons like many of the Batman:TAS toys, Scarlet here stands out like the Metal Armored Spiderman or the Octo-Spiderman or the other Ben Reilly-costume Spiderman. They are characters that actually came out in the comics and the cartoon series, which makes them worth getting.

Scarlet stands 5 inches and has basic 5-point articulation with a bonus of articulation in the ankles so you can pose him and it looks like he's walking. His right hand is in a half fist so he can hold items and his left hand is in the web-shooting position. He looks like he can toss a rhino too but he is still slim and muscular, just like a Spiderman should be. He has one of the greatest Spiderman costumes I've seen, all red body with white eyes (Scarlet looks ticked off all the time) and a blue vest with the freakiest looking spider symbol ever. I wish this spider-symbol were used on the original Spiderman...the bad part about the vest is that it is only painted on, and not sculpted on, which might have looked better. Scarlet has a bit more advanced system of web-shooting so he has special impact-webbing cartridges around his wrists and belt. Yeah he has a grey belt and it looks great, just like the wrists cartridges. They both can be taken off and put back on. He also has little pouches strapped around his ankles than can also be removed. I think they look bulky on the toy and takes away from the sleekness Scarlet Spider has in the comics but he looks good no matter what you decide to do.

      by Dr Nightmare   Update Review

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