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Moon Knight Review

Moon Knight
Marvel's Gold (Toy Biz)
I remember seeing the Moon Knight comics and thinking, wow, that would make a great toy...and sure enough there was one!

Moon Knight is pretty damn muscular and so the Hercules body used to make him was a perfect choice. He stands 5 inches tall and has basic 5-point articulation. Moon is painted pearl white which gives him a creepy shimmering effect in the right light. He wears a long white cape and hood which are made of fabric and they are removable. His head is black with white diamond-shaped eyes so when you put on the hoodcape his face looks hidden. This looks great but some of the hoods are goofy-looking, due to bad stitching, so look before you buy. I thought it was wierd that he has glowing yellow manacles, leg rings, and belt in the comics (and on the card backing) but the actual toy doesnt. At least Toy Biz decided to use 3 stacked rings to represent the manacles and rings and the belt is sculpted on (but it looks off-model since it IS the narrow Hercules belt but it still looks good) so you have a good idea of where to paint yellow if you ever decide to fix the color problem. Sculpting the accessories would have been far better but budgets speak louder than fans...The cresent moon symbol on this chest is painted with a metallic grey, which looks good.

Moon Knight looks awesome but he would have been perfect if more attention to detail were made.

      by Dr Nightmare   Update Review

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