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Iolaus Review

Hercules - Legendary Journeys (Toy Biz)
Here is another review in honor of =Hercules: The Legendary Journeys=, the great Michael Hurst, and all the manacles and all the wooden swords and arm guards they inspired me to make and eventually break some foolhardy time later.

What is Hercules without a trusty side-kick? Just a guy in tight leather pants, that's what.

Iolaus stands 5 inches tall and has all the basic articulation, including at the elbows and knees. He is muscular but it isn't overdone. 5 inches is great but it is strange, considering that on the show Iolaus was only about as tall as Hercules's chin...but I'm not complaining. Again, like with Hercules, Toy Biz did an awesome job at making the head sculpt. It looks exactly like Michael Hurst (the actor who played Iolaus on the show) even down to his golden curls. He kinda looks like Robert Plant (if anyone is cool, or old enough to know who that is :P). Iolaus wore a neclace with a pendant around his neck on the show so a black necklace and pendant were painted on, which looks alright. He comes with a purple/black cloth vest that looks almost exactly like the one he wore on the show (which is removable to display his chiseled abs). His pants are black with purple accents and the boots and belt are painted on but it is a very good paint job. Iolaus came with a catapault-vest (Yeah, I know, what the hell, how would he even carry that, let alone withstand the recoil!!) and a samuri-loooking sword (which he can't even hold), but he looks best without any weapons.

Long live Iolaus!

      by Dr Nightmare   Update Review

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